We pretty much can't wait 'til you're here.

Congratulations and welcome TCNJ Class of 2020! The fall semester begins with Welcome Week, which has been created to enhance your transition into our community. There are numerous events, information sessions, and opportunities to meet various members of the TCNJ Community and members of your class!


The #1 rated program of Welcome Week! “Hey, somebody give me a standing ovation!”


Show off your talent. The next big star may be you, so come on out and see for yourself!


Join us in this ceremony that celebrates your formal induction into the Class of 2020.


We have SO MUCH planned for you.

We pleased to present you with some of the highlights for Welcome Week 2016.
First year students will be provided with a full schedule, t-shirt, meal bands, and other important information. Off-campus students are strongly encouraged to attend their 1st meeting to receive the same materials. The full schedule is forthcoming.

Day 1


  • Move-In

    First Year residence halls open on Thursday, August 25 and all other residence halls (sophomore and upper class) begin to open on Sunday, August 27. Please view specific times you can move in based on your building and floor.

  • Welcome Week Kick-Off / Pep Rally

  • Football Scrimmage: TCNJ vs. ASA College

  • Community Meetings

  • Entertainment & Activities

Day 2


  • Optional Department Open Office Hours

    Some of the academic departments are offering open office hours for students with outstanding academic questions or advising concerns. Attendance is optional. Students are reminded that ALL departments will conduct required welcome sessions on Monday, August 29 as a part of Academic Welcome Day Download Department Locations PDF

  • Democracy Matters!

    Students identify a social issue they wish to address (e.g. homelessness, hunger, housing, the environment) as well as how and when they will learn and serve together as a TCNJ community. Attendance is required (step towards the completion of the first year civic engagement graduation requirement).

  • Heart of a Lion: The Core and the Code

    Learn about the core of your TCNJ education: The Liberal Learning Program. What does it mean to be a TCNJ Lion? Explore expectations of students in the Code—in and outside of the classroom, both on and off campus, what it means to live and learn with integrity, and examine what legacy you want to leave.

  • Community Meetings & Off Campus Student Meeting

  • PlayFair

    The #1 rated program of Welcome Week for over ten years! “Hey, somebody give me a standing ovation!” Wear comfortable clothing to participate in this interactive, community-building activity. Ice cream will be available afterwards.

  • Entertainment & Activities

  • Larry and Raven: Master's of the Mind

    Mentalist, mind readers, palm readers, tarot card, these two do it all if it relates to reading your thoughts. This team puts on a one hour show that will have you asking "how did they know that?!"

Day 3


  • "A Better High" with Dr. Matt Bellace

    Dr. Matt Bellace has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with an emphasis in neuropsychology, which is the study of the brain and behavior. He is the author of the book, "A Better High" (Wyatt Mackenzie, 2012) and his "How to Get High Naturally" program encourages over a hundred thousand students a year to pursue natural highs and make healthy choices. Matt was a recurring comedian on truTV's "World's Dumbest."

  • Sex Ed 101 with River Huston

    River Huston is an award winning poet, painter, performer and activist. She travels throughout the United States speaking at colleges, conferences, corporate events on issues related to safer sex, AIDS, alcohol, communication and self-esteem. She has been featured on Good Morning America, Showtime, NBC, Nightline and CNN.

  • Class Picnic

  • Community Meetings & Off Campus Student Meeting

  • Entertainment & Activities

Day 4


  • Morning Fun Run

  • Worship Services

  • Diversity University: The TRU College Life

    Diversity is something that we celebrate here at TCNJ. A core value that drives our mission, diversity is an inclusive concept that embraces every member of our TCNJ family. Each one of us has a unique and important perspective which makes TCNJ a special place to be. Now hold on to your seat, and get ready for an interactive diversity experience by Monti Washington and Julia Garcia. If you are TRU to yourself, then anything is possible!

  • Community Meetings & Off Campus Student Meeting

  • Entertainment & Activities

Day 5


  • Line Up for Processional

  • Convocation

    Your formal induction into the Class of 2020 and the beginning of the academic year. Join the faculty and administration of the College in this ceremony that welcomes you to our community of learners. All students are expected to participate in this activity.

  • Dean Welcome Sessions

  • Department Faculty Welcome Sessions

  • Summer Reading Discussions

  • Off Campus Students Meeting

  • Community Meetings

  • Entertainment & Activities

Download Full Schedule (PDF, 1.1 MB)


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There are several exciting speakers and programs as part of this year’s Welcome Week program.